Why choose My Hotel Room

"There is no other app like MHR in the market today for the Hospitality Industry"


Because it transforms your guestrooms into an unique experience by giving your guests direct access to in room devices and services


Because it´s easy to install and safe to use, due to its security and reliability for both hotels and guests

Energy Saving

Because it helps to save energy by both the guest and the hotel, making it an eco-friendly app.

Service efficiency

Because it provides your guests direct access to your Hotel Services making it more efficient and personalized

There is no other app like MHR in the market today for the Hospitality Industry

Additional information:

  • In-room hardware installation is non evasive, fast and easy to maintain or replace.
  • Responsive* Web-based hotel services backend, no need to install software.
  • Hotel support service available 24/7 (email or phone)
  • Hotel troubleshooting manual available.
  • No need for costly software installation
*This means the hotel backend can be accessible from a mobile device such as a tablet.

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